Student of Strategy and Business Consulting.


Currently attending the Master’s Degree Strategy and Business Consulting at University of Trieste. I’ve always loved to work in team and I’m really keen to take the leading role when it’s time to achieve defined objectives. I’m constantly looking for articles and inspiration from the most important managers around the world to learn how they think and act. My dream is to be part of a technological company somewhen in the future.


Years ago I wanted to learn how to create websites, but then I figured out that how to promote something online is, for me, far more interesting than actually develop.
I’m continuously improving my knowledge on web marketing, social media management, advertising and community management. Occasionally I help business to develop a strategy to approach the web, I show them in which way they can be present online and how they can meet their objectives.


When my first computer broke I started digging in the hardware field. I learnt how to build computers and repair smartphones, then I developed a deep interest in how firms in this market operate and I started working for different Tech Websites. Now I’m running with a friend TechStation.it a well established online media with articles and reviews about technology. I cooperated with a lot of affirmed brands and I’m constantly attending important events like Mobile World Congress as reporter.




I.T.C. Gian Rinaldo Carli


Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management of Innovation

University of Trieste


Master’s Degree Strategy and Business Consulting

University of Trieste
Currently Attending



How I got here is a long story, but my resume sums it up nicely.

You can see all what concern my formation in my LinkedIn profile.


Able to identify problems and solve them

Pierpaolo is willing to work hard and he is prepared to work in group. He especially has a good ability to coordinate a group of people and has a good ability to interact with it. Confidence, ambition and initiative, makes him give the best. A guy able to identify problems and solve them.